Latest extraordinary that i’ve seen.

And by extraordinary i mean people and shows that just blow your mind and make you rise up your expectations of quality in contemporary performative arts.




First are the Bubenicek brothers Jiri and Otto that i have seen at the “Dance Stars of the 21st Century International Ballet Gala” in Bucharest on the 7th of  November. This is a small fragment of the piece that literally mad me tear up.

And the second example is last night’s performance of The Tiger Lillies, here in Bucharest, something i never hoped to see this soon.AFF TIGER LILLIES CONCERT 2.indd

It was smart but not pretentious,which i think is the best cultural mix. It was amazing and strange and humorous. The Clown, the hypnotic accordion, the sexy contra bass, the theremin, the musical saw, the drums with a rubber chicken, the piano, the voices, the acting, all in the dark magical combination of  just an unique and extraordinary show!

And i also really appreciate the irony of them performing and a festival called “Viata e frumoasa” (Life is Beautiful ).

Life is indeed better when you get to see the live performance of such amazing artists!








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One Response to “Latest extraordinary that i’ve seen.”

  1. Din nou la The Tiger Lillies « this much Says:

    […] Asteptarile mele au fost mari si au fost depasite. The Tiger Lillies au fost din nou geniali si magici si plini de acelasi umor negru, specific, putin grotesc, inteligent. Pentru mine a fost chiar emotionanta experienta. […]

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